An SDN Gathering

You are invited to join Ireland’s first Open Tech Ireland symposium, focusing on Software-Defined Networking, co-hosted by the Open Networking Foundation and the Industrial Development Authority of Ireland, in cooperation with the Irish Software Association, Intune Networks, KEMP Technologies, and Sanctum Networks.

The SDN movement is already turning the networking industry upside down in a tectonic shift of value from hardware to software. This represents the biggest change in networking in a generation and will ultimately benefit everyone who operates a network or uses one – meaning all of us.

The value shift to software for a global market suits Ireland’s talents perfectly, so we hope this event jumpstarts an innovative SDN community in Ireland serving customers worldwide.   Please join this dynamic gathering of international SDN luminaries, Irish companies already on the leading edge of SDN, employees of multinational companies with facilities in Ireland, and energetic entrepreneurs and investors for an intense, one-day exchange of ideas and IDs. Program highlights will feature the voices of network operators representing the demand side, early innovators on the supply side, and funding sources.

Considerable opportunity will be provided to meet and get met. The spectacular setting of the old Royal Kilmainham Hospital adds a regal air to the meeting, which will culminate in a festive cocktail reception. Seating is limited and admission is only €60 per person so you should register soon if you don’t want to be disappointed.